Anal public fucking on the stairs

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Unknowing that they are being watched, a gay couple goes down some stairs right in front of the cellar door and they start their anal action. That public fucking session goes on for quite a while and a guy behind the door is recording them through the window to have some footage to show around of the dudes that he caught. As soon as he has had enough he opens the door and asks them what they are doing there. Then they scare and start running away although they left their pants there.

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Parking lot sees a lot of public fucking

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The guys that you will see in this video get so carried away with their public fucking that they don’t even notice the dude that comes to them with a camera in his hand. They parked their car in front of one of the buildings in the block and the guy on the front seat is giving head to the driver. His eyes closed in ecstasy, he is off in his fantasies while his cock is in his young lover’s mouth and only when they hear the cameraman they run away.

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Riverside public fucking with two horny dudes

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Down by the river there is a secluded place where couples usually come for some hardcore action when they have the time to do so. And today you can see a gay couple that is down there because they have been aching for some public fucking but they haven’t had the chance to do something for quite a while because their house is full. Now they are lying down without their clothes and jerking each other off while thinking that the only witness of their action is the bird by the water.

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Mano a mano public fucking in the workshop

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Our guy comes into his workshop with a camera in his hand because he knows that the place was left unlocked and a lot of people tend to go in there and do some pretty naughty things. Today he caught two dudes that got into some pretty wild anal public fucking without knowing that someone could barge in and see them in action. They are surprised and they start running away from the cameraman without even bothering to pull their pants up before fleeing the scene.

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Horny gay guys do some public fucking

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Although these stairs are usually crowded, today no one has been coming by so these two hunky dudes got to some public fucking right there. It might not seem like the best place for it but they pretty much enjoyed the action. Especially the one that has been getting the blowjob as you can see by the sweat coming from his face. He groans loudly while his younger lover is using his lips to suck him off and show how much he loves him.

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